The horrific murder of 50 Muslims in a Mosque in Christchurch New Zealand has revealed unprecedented hatred, which lingers in the underbelly of the western world.

When all is said and done, there will be serious questions that need to be asked, by everyone who has concern for human life and dignity.

The fundamental question is, what were the dynamics that produced an evil man called Brenton Tarrant, who live streamed his military styled killings, with such planning and precision.

Cruel brainwashed individuals like Tarrant are not nurtured in a vacuum. They are cloned in an environment of hate and malice. They have a diet given to them by an apparatus, which deliberately provokes and creates hatred for the other.

There is no doubt that the two main factors that manufactured a murderer like Tarrant was the mainstream media and populist politicians.

The media since 9/11 have given the false impression that the problem of terrorism has been Muslims. Their Mosques have been targeted as hubs of hate. Their sacred book, the Quran has been described as a ‘book of hate’. Their Prophet has been described by the likes of Dr Jordan Peterson as a ‘Warlord’. Even Muslim women have been criticised for wearing a cloth covering their hair, as an expression of extremism and exclusion.

Politicians have adopted far right language, that has pinned Muslims and Islam down as a problem in the western world. Immigration has been described as an ‘invasion’. The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom even described refugee migration into the UK as being like ‘swarms’. The term swarms is used to describe the movement of groups of insects and vermin from one place to another.

The leader of the free world is liberal in showing his contempt of Muslims entering the United States, by proposing and implementing bans. Giving political positions to white supremacists has been a trend of his, that has been condemned but also equally accepted by many in the US electorate.

Absolutely there are questions to be asked and quickly. Only until there is a deep dive into the media portrayal of Muslims and the exposure of false political opinions in the western world towards Islam, the question of Brenton Tarrant will never be answered.


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