About Us


Root-Works is an initiative designed to source and develop Islamic viewpoints in order to address contemporary issues. It seeks to achieve this by collaborating with people to harness their skills, expertise and talents for the positive projection of Islamic values.
As part of its vision, RootWorks has recognised the impact of the negative portrayals of Islam, by a host of different mediums in wider society. This has accelerated the need for the Muslim community to counter and educate wider society about the Islamic way of life.
The richness and vibrancy of the Islamic culture needs unlocking, so that people from all backgrounds can appreciate the value Islam can bring to the world.


  1. Platform – Provide and develop innovative platforms delivering vibrant Islamic content.
  2. People – Work in collaboration with people to nurture skills, harnessing talent/skills/expertise and expertise & viewpoints.
  3. Presentation – Presenting Islamic viewpoints on contemporary political, economic and social issues for the 21st Century


Root-Works considers everyone who is interested in its projects part of its target audience. It does not consider faith, race or background as a barrier to the initiatives it seeks to promote. It is completely independent from both state and non-state actors and not connected to any Islamic groups/sects or schools of thoughts, although the project is ran by Sunni Muslims.